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For the past years, many members were not able to get their requested vacation. Several Operation Managers and some Regional Managers insisted on counting empty positions in the station as part of the formula used to determine the number of employees who could be placed on vacation on any one day. To correct this situation and to enable members to get their deserved vacations, CUPE 4848 asked ANB if they would consider extending the Temporary positions over 16 weeks instead of the normal 8. This would ensure that the ‘open’ shifts in July and August would be covered and now not a part of the formula. Vacations would be able to be granted.

Temporary positions are permanent positions requiring language proficiencies in both languages for which no qualified person applied. Therefore this would affect the permanent positions over the time period as well.

By doing this, the Executive felt this was a win-win situation for our members. Members would be able to get their requested vacation at a greater percentage and members in the temporary positions would have a set schedule for the months of July and August. New open shifts during this period would be equally distributed between qualified members until the next posting date of August 3, 2016.

Due to the postings having to be awarded early this week, this decision was made on Monday so CUPE 4848 was not able to inform the membership prior to the announcement made by ANB. The decision was done for the good of the membership.

Yours in Solidarity,

Judy Astle, President of CUPE 4848

Day of Mourning - 2016

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You Are Invited to a Discussion with Dr. Lori Gray

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Dr Lori K GrayDr. Lori Gray is a clinical, forensic, and rehabilitation psychologist who focuses on the issue of trauma through her work with first responders (e.g., paramedics, firefighters, police officers, dispatchers), victims, and criminal offenders. She is the staff psychologist for one of the largest emergency medical services (EMS) in Canada and provides consultation, crisis support, and education to other emergency services, first responders, and victim services agencies. Her background also includes experiences such as the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Psychological Trauma Program and the Law and Mental Health Program), Detroit Receiving Hospital (level one trauma centre in inner city Detroit), Ministry of the Attorney General, Correctional Service of Canada, and post-secondary teaching.

She has received the Future Pioneers of Psychology Award from the American Psychological Association, Odyssey Early Career Achievement Award and GLAD Award for Teaching and Mentorship from the University of Windsor, and awards from agencies such as the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Canadian Psychological Association, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Dr. Gray has served on the Executive Committee of the Ontario Psychological Association Disaster Response Network, Board of Directors for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation, Paramedic Chiefs of Canada PTSD ad hoc committee, and the Paramedic Association of Canada mental health survey.

Meeting February 15, 2016

logo 4848The Executive of CUPE 4848 met with a representative from the Department of Health and ANB/NBEMS Senior Management to discuss the language issues faced by paramedics in this province. The Union presented the following topics in detail and with lots of discussion:

  1. the use of translation devices and how they would benefit many different languages and not just the official languages;
  2. lowering the standard to a “2” and the benefits for both parties;
  3. hiring practices – if no successful applicant then hire by seniority.  The Union also pushed for the return of the “temp, temp, perm” policy;
  4. filling of vacant shifts should exhaust the administration area first before going outside the admin area;
  5.  training for second language had to be more intense and involve classroom  setting in order to be somewhat successful;
  6. PETL should be restructured and take into account the different dialects of the two official languages and be tested face to face by fellow New Brunswickers;
  7. the safety issue of having unilingual medics from each official language working together and not being able to communicate.

The Department of Health representative, John Estey, said he heard us and valued the input we gave but in order for any decisions to be made, they had to move up the ladder within the Department. He thanked us for the open and honest discussion we had and would take our concerns forward. He indicated that they are willing to move forward but not back. The temporary solution presented late December will continue to be implemented. He said that the DH, ANB and CUPE 4848 will continue to work together on important issues. As soon as a decision has been reached by the hierarchy, then the Department will meet with the Executive and any information will be passed on to the membership.

Your Executive will continue to push the issues and work for the good of the membership. We need you the membership to meet individually with your MLAs to discuss the issues as well. Working together makes us stronger.

Judy Astle
President CUPE 4848

To members of CUPE 4848

logo 4848There has been no deal made between ANB and CUPE 4848 in regards to anything let alone on bilingualism. A temporary compromise was reached in late December between the Department of Health and ANB in relation to part time and casual employees for short term leaves. This was seen as a very small step in the right direction for our paramedics.

A meeting with the Department of Health, ANB and the Executive of CUPE 4848 has been scheduled for February 15, 2016 to sit down and discuss all facets of bilingualism within the paramedic world.

A Press Release to the members will be issued soon after February 15.

Please let’s stand united and in solidarity.

Judy Astle
President CUPE 4848


26 01 2016 600w

To all CUPE Presidents, Locals, Members, family and friends!!!

The CUPE NB Executive Board wants to send a huge thank you to all who participated in the “CHOICES” Public Consultation Sessions held across the province this past week and a half!

Starting with a bang in Bouctouche and following through to Fredericton, Saint John, Caraquet, Grand Falls, St Stephen, Dieppe, Miramichi, Campbellton and ending in Bathurst, CUPE members filled the meeting rooms lining the walls in silent protest which spoke volumes to the government that we are watching them and telling them “No More Cuts To Public Services”!!!

To Presidents, Executive and members who travelled the province, spoke to the media, made wonderful signs, mobilized their memberships and stood strong “shoulder to shoulder” throughout our communities, we say THANK YOU!

Keep the momentum going, CUPE members, by continuing to encourage and involve your members as we venture on for our next step of ACTION!