CUPE Local 4848

December 18, 2015

Brothers and Sisters:

The inner Executive of CUPE Local 4848 met today in Moncton to discuss the scheduling practices and concerns.  The Employer has heard the Unions concerns and they are currently in consultation with the Department of Health to resolve the inequities of the scheduling practices.

The Executive asked that the practice be reverted back to the former scheduling document, but at this time the Employer indicated that they will be meeting with us with a new document, from the Government, once it is completed.

The Union also discussed the hiring practices with the Employer and asked if they were interested in sitting down to discuss a better way to allow Paramedics to fill vacant bilingual positions.  The Employer indicated that they were willing to do so in the New Year.  We also raised concerns about the PETL testing process.  The Union understands the frustration the Membership has around this issue of language but we are making progress to address those concerns.

The short term goal is to address scheduling practices as quickly as possible and the long term goal will be to address the hiring and testing practices.

In solidarity,

Judy Astle
President Local 4848

Memo to Members

The Executive of 4848 cannot tolerate nor does not support any form of work action in violation of the Public Service Labour Relations Act. Job actions such as work to rule, work slow- downs, large group actions, etc.  is a direct violation of this Act with resulting legal circumstances and financial consequences for each involved member, the Executive members and the Local.

The Executive does support and will uphold the negotiated collective agreement and the policies of ANB. Again our number one priority is Patient care and will not support anything that would jeopardize patient care. The media exposure and public support has been very positive and supportive to date. Let us keep it that way.

Your Executive is meeting with Senior Management with hopes of reaching a resolve to our problem. With the rallies and the media exposure from this week we are making some progress. We know it is a slow method but please allow us time to negotiate with Management. Your Executive is planning on meeting with Government officials as well. But all of this takes time. Please collaborate with your Executive to work on these issues for you, the members.

Judy Astle
President Local 4848

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

FROM: Executive of CUPE 4848

We are currently dealing with a very complicated issue within our Union and that is with language profile and work ability. This policy has caused a division in the workplace by pitting member against member and is not acceptable and nor should it be tolerated.

Your local’s executive has been waiting for the employer to respond to the concerns brought forward. But in the meantime we must remain committed to our number one priority which is “Patient Care”. We currently have not received any negative press on our actions and concerns and I would strongly suggest that we maintain that position.  We have a collective agreement to follow and the company has issued us policies that we must follow. Therefore we must follow both.

As for our current services, we must maintain our commitment to provide patient care to the professional standards. We have always practiced within the system and not allowed ourselves to be distracted by things that are beyond our control. As paramedics, you must remember that you are employed by the Province of New Brunswick and have an obligation to your Association to provide your services.

Our first priority to a resolve will be to have the call-in process corrected immediately as the Company is causing an unnecessary financial burden on our part-time and casual staff. We will then need to address the issue of language requirement with regards to job opportunities which will require some more work by all of us. We would ask the membership to give the executive a little more time to meet with the employer to discuss these issues.

Judy Astle, President CUPE 4848

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Rally at the Legislative Assembly - December 1, 2015

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National Study on Balancing Work, Family and Caregiving

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Sisters and Brothers,

Please forward this important survey to the members of your Local.

Caregiving is especially taxing when you are also engaged in paid employment. It becomes a balancing act that often results in higher levels of work-life conflict, as well as emotional and physical strain.

CUPE advocates for a healthy workplace and evidence based policies. These pieces all come together in the National Survey on Balancing Work, Family and Caregiving currently being undertaken on behalf of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) by Dr. Linda Duxbury, Professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Dr. Duxbury is a Canadian expert in the field of work-life balance and we are pleased to be able to assist her with this research effort.

This is your opportunity to contribute to research that aims to increase awareness at both public policy and employer level of the challenges faced by employed caregivers.

As a person who is employed and with family caregiver responsibilities, your participation will help to provide much needed evidence on this developing topic. In addition, the researchers have agreed to share the key findings from our members with CUPE. Your individual response will be kept in strict confidence. Only summary results will be published.

Fill out the survey here

Lest We Forget

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