CUPE Local 4848

Sorry for the delay

For clarification, the meeting was initiated by Matt Crossman and Beth. An invitation was sent to Greg, Kim and I to attend a meeting with Matt and Beth to try to come up with ways to improve relations between Us and them.

We discussed the frustration with LM and decisions not being made and not kept. There is s huge mistrust factor towards management. Matt said they wanted us to work collaboratively towards improving working conditions. They wanted to be consistent and fair in managing the company. They promised to be quicker with their decisions. They said they would work with us.

Other topics discussed were Premier Shuttle- they are very concerned about Premier taking some of the transfers away from the company. A plan for Transfer vehicles is being developed. They are looking at a possibility of 18 to 20 vehicles, most of which would be within the existing ambulance services. They also recognized the need for a couple of bariatric units in NB.

The Promaster was discussed and management felt a need to address the members.

Senior Management, along with Ralph and Norma, had a meeting to discuss PETL in April. Only about 30% of medics have been tested in the province. Beth feels that if all medics were tested, we would be closer to the 50% requirement across the province.

Extra hours are being looked at for Fredericton area with an additional 12 hours for sure and possibility of additional 8 hours. We felt that by adding 24 hours to the existing hours in Fredericton would be the way with less disruption. Beth stated that they would not go through a bumping process again! Nothing is definite at this time yet. Management is to send out a draft memo to the employees re the new hours next week. We are to be consulted on this.

We asked management to look at the postings of Temporary positions and what was their view on extending the postings. Management indicated that this extension has created more work in a short period of time for HR.

Michele Breen is working on the pilot for ACPs in the province and Mike Simpson is the project manager. There are 4 sites as previously announced - Edmundston, Bathurst, Saint John and Moncton. The ACPs would be working 7 days/ week and 12 hours a day. A Project Charter has been presented to government and Management is waiting for the sign-off. There are 51 ACPs in NB and 44 of these work for ANB.

We presented our changes to the Fatigue Policy. The changes were acceptable but they wanted time to review them. They would get back to us. We agreed to an extension to the grievance on the Fatigue Policy.

The new radio system should be ready to go in September or October after training the members. The next training sessions will be on the radio system in the morning and R2MR in the afternoon.

The next LM meeting was discussed and Beth was to consult her people with possible dates. We indicated that the week of September 12th  was best for us. I will send the date to you later tonight.
Matt had another meeting so we concluded our meeting.

Kim or Greg do you have anything to add?